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In Focus: Future Reserves 2020 White Paper Publication

FR20 White Paper Publication

In July 2013 the MOD released its White Paper 'Reservists in the Future Force 2020: Valuable and Valued' outlining changes to the use and role of the Reserve Forces. This White Paper follows the previous Green Paper consultation, that generated many responses from employers.

Whether you employ Reservists or not, the following article provides a useful summary of the key elements of the White Paper that are relevant to your business or organisation.

Green Paper Consultation

White Paper Infographics

Reservists in the Future Force 2020: Valuable and Valued

Future Reserves 2020 Consultation Green Paper

Green Paper Consultation

Information on how employers were consulted

The value of training

Read more about the financial value of Reservist training in the workplace.

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For support & advice on issues relating to the employment of Reservists.

Reservists to play key role in Future Armed Forces

Reserve Forces Future

MOD's response to the Future Reserves 2020 review.

Key Facts

Read a summary of key facts from the MODs White Paper

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