SaBRE - We're all stronger with Reservists

Celebrating 1,000 publicly supportive employers

Reserve Forces homecoming

Over a thousand employers from across the UK have now publicly pledged their support for members of the Reserve Forces by signing up to the SaBRE supportive employer listing.

Rembrand Timber Ltd. has been named as the 1000th employer to publicly declare their support.

We’re really proud to be the 1,000th employer to publicly declare our support and we would encourage other companies to do the same.”

To join the listing, the organisation must endorse the following statement of support as well as demonstrate the practical way it supports its Reservist employees.

Thousands of members of the Reserve Forces (Royal Naval Reserve, Royal Marines Reserve, Territorial Army and Royal Auxiliary Air Force) have been mobilised for full-time service overseas in recent years. When called upon, these men and women serve alongside their colleagues in the Regular Forces with courage and dedication, and often at considerable personal sacrifice. We admire their commitment and are determined to support all current and future employees in the Reserve Forces."

In total there are around 34,000 members of the Reserve Forces which consist of the Royal Naval Reserve, Royal Marines Reserve, Territorial Army and Royal Auxiliary Air Force. Reservists play a critical role in the UK Armed Forces, and since 2003 around 21,000 have been mobilised for full time service in Iraq and Afghanistan. Currently there are over 600 Reservists serving in Afghanistan.

Ron Macgregor, the Highlands' Regional Campaign Director for SaBRE, said:

Over a hundred companies and organisations in Scotland have signed up to publicly declare their support for members of the Reserve Forces. We're calling on more to step forward and pledge their support. Having the backing of their boss makes a huge difference to Reservists in being able to perform their military duties."

View our list of employers who have publicly pledged their support and find out how to join the listing.

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