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A Reinstatement Committee is an independent tribunal (similiar to an employment tribunal) and consists of three people: a legally-qualified Chairman and two other members. If you feel you are being denied your rights under the Reserve Forces (Safeguard of Employment) Act 1985 a Reinstatement Committee has the power to instruct your former employer to re-employ you or to award financial compensation. 

Applying to a Reinstatement Committee

If, after writing formally to your employer, you’re offered a job which you aren’t happy with, or they tell you they won’t re-employ you, or you hear nothing for three weeks after writing to them, you should apply to a Reinstatement Committee to secure re-employment with your employer.  Read more about returning to work after mobilisation and the steps involved.

An application for Reinstatement lapses 13 weeks after it was made, so, if there are any delays remember to renew your application.

Your application should be submitted to:

  • Employment Tribunal Service (For England, Scotland and Wales)
    Reinstatement Committees (Employment Policy Team)
    3rd Floor
    Alexandra House
    14 – 22 The Parsonage
    M3 2JA
    Tel: 0161 833 6316
  • Office of the Industrial Tribunals  (For Northern Ireland)
    The Secretary
    Office of the Industrial Tribunals
    Killymeal House
    2 Cromac Quay
    Ormeau Road
    Tel: 02890 327666

What to do if you have problems

If you intend to return to your old job your Employer Support Officer is there to help you, especially if you have any problems securing re-employment with your former employer. Your unit can also help if you have any welfare issues following your experiences in active service, there are also many other sources of support and advice.

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